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Erectile Dysfunction after Radical Prostatectomy

From “Renal and Urology News” as reported in the American Urology Association Daily Scope today: The European Association of Urology 2015 Congress reports that normal erectile function after RP may be rare. Only 6.7% of men reported erectile function equal to preoperatively at 2 years postop. Interestingly, the International Index of Erectile Function scores were [...]

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Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Overtreated In USA

From “AUA Daily Scope”: In JAMA Oncology is a study showing “men with low-risk prostate cancer — regardless of clinical characteristics or tumor biology — are being overtreated, often with radiation therapy.” Radiation was given in these men (who likely needed no treatment at all) 58% of the time. Radical Prostatectomy was used in 19%, [...]

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