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Erectile Dysfunction after Radical Prostatectomy

From “Renal and Urology News” as reported in the American Urology Association Daily Scope today: The European Association of Urology 2015 Congress reports that normal erectile function after RP may be rare. Only 6.7% of men reported erectile function equal to preoperatively at 2 years postop. Interestingly, the International Index of Erectile Function scores were the same preop and postop in 23.3%. Very curious, and it may explain why erectile function stats are higher than reality. Many urologists in this country admit that erectile function status in their patients after RP is nothing like the numbers commonly reported in the literature. All the more reason to consider HIFU as management for prostate cancer.

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Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Overtreated In USA

From “AUA Daily Scope”: In JAMA Oncology is a study showing “men with low-risk prostate cancer — regardless of clinical characteristics or tumor biology — are being overtreated, often with radiation therapy.” Radiation was given in these men (who likely needed no treatment at all) 58% of the time. Radical Prostatectomy was used in 19%, and Active Surveillance in only 10% of the men. However, in the same issue of “Daily Scope” was a report from Medscape showing men with Intermediate-risk prostate cancer treated with Active Surveillance may have a decrease in survival. Take-home message: Men with low-risk tumors have the luxury of Active Surveillance and should not be pushed into treatment. Men with Intermediate-risk tumors are tempting fate by not getting treated promptly. All [...]

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