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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Image Fusion Technology Combines MRI and Ultrasound Images to Treat Prostate Cancer

New Hardware and Software Increases Accuracy For Targeting Malignant Cells, Sparing Healthy Tissue

SonaCare Medical, LLC, the makers of innovative High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) medical devices for the treatment of prostate cancer, has announced the roll-out of its newest technology – called Sonafuse Profuse – introduced this summer at the treatment center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The Sonablate®  technology currently in use at the San Javier Marina Hospital has been updated with powerful new hardware components and the latest generation “3G” software including image fusion. Puerto Vallarta is now one of only three international treatment sites in the Americas offering image fusion and the newest software offering the benefits of multi-mode imaging that sees the outside and inside of the targeted area at the same time.

“Until now, Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) had to be viewed separately from live HIFU images by doctors performing the procedure,” according to Dr. Michael Lazar, a leading urologist and pioneer of HIFU who has been treating prostate cancer patients in Puerto Vallarta since 2007. “Now using advanced software, both image sets are combined enabling us to gain an even clearer picture of cancer cells and their precise location so they can be more accurately, and individually, targeted using ultrasound energy.”

Sonafuse Profuse technology fuses a previously obtained magnetic resonance image (MRI) with live ultrasound during the HIFU procedure. This allows the visualization of regions of abnormality visible with MRI, but not normally visible with ultrasound during the procedure for targeted treatment. The fusion program is based on Artemis Profuse software from Eigen, one of three SonaCare Medical fusion partners that provide seamless integration with physicians’ targeted biopsy systems.

Dr. Lazar said there are many benefits associated with advanced HIFU therapy, including sound-based, tissue sparing, non-surgical intervention for the treatment of prostate cancer and more favorable outcomes for patients.

He said modern imaging technology is changing today’s urological cancer landscape, enabling doctors to increase their detection of genitourinary cancer as well as better tumor and cancer cell visualization, especially among smaller confined tumors. He said it is also helping physicians achieve better, targeted biopsies and helps in the diagnosis of prostate cancer among younger patients.

HIFU is also being used in conjunction with CT scans to detect small, incidentally discovered, kidney renal masses – as well as for mpMRI prostate scans to identify specific regions of interest for targeted biopsy and ablation therapy.

For more information contact Dr. Michael Lazar, visit the California HIFU website, or call (707) 546-5553. Dr. Lazar’s office is located at 1140 Sonoma Ave #1A, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.

Active Ft. Bragg resident believes that “HIFU’s time has come”

Lazar HIFU testimonial 8.18

During annual checkups, Dennis Tavares’ primary doctor noticed two successive PSA increases and referred him to Urologist Dr. Michael Lazar. A sonic scan showed a series of dark spots. His prostate was getting bigger and was losing its shape and smoothness. Dr. Lazar performed a biopsy. Cancer cells were small, so there was little threat that they had spread. “My choices included getting a full or a partial prostate treatment. I chose to have only a partial oblation, with Dr. Lazar's concurrence, since the area with cancer was limited to only a section of the prostate. I got an MRI in Santa Rosa, had passports and was ready to go. We flew to Puerto Vallarta. The HIFU procedure was performed in a first-class medical center – very clean, neat and well furnished and everyone spoke English and very supportive. Dr. Lazar explained that I would be given spinal anesthesia so I would not move during the less than three-hour procedure. The next thing I knew I was waking up and just as Dr. Lazar predicted, with HIFU there was no bleeding and little to no chance of infection.”


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Patient Testimonial: “I cannot be more appreciative of his comprehensive approach to treating patients ….” – Charles Lawrence

Click to View PDFAs a retired malpractice insurance professional, Charles Lawrence is very familiar with the many complex problems in today’s healthcare industry. He knows what to look for in a good doctor, and he deeply appreciates quality healthcare services. When Charles thought he was having urinary problems, he came to see Dr. Michael J. Lazar in Santa Rosa for an examination. Dr. Lazar didn’t find any problems with Charles’ urinary system, and Charles’ symptoms went away on their own shortly thereafter. However, Dr. Lazar discovered a lump on his thyroid that other physicians had failed to find previously …

Lazar testimonial 8.18 lower half


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