Lazar HIFU testimonial 8.18

During annual checkups, Dennis Tavares’ primary doctor noticed two successive PSA increases and referred him to Urologist Dr. Michael Lazar. A sonic scan showed a series of dark spots. His prostate was getting bigger and was losing its shape and smoothness. Dr. Lazar performed a biopsy. Cancer cells were small, so there was little threat that they had spread. “My choices included getting a full or a partial prostate treatment. I chose to have only a partial oblation, with Dr. Lazar's concurrence, since the area with cancer was limited to only a section of the prostate. I got an MRI in Santa Rosa, had passports and was ready to go. We flew to Puerto Vallarta. The HIFU procedure was performed in a first-class medical center – very clean, neat and well furnished and everyone spoke English and very supportive. Dr. Lazar explained that I would be given spinal anesthesia so I would not move during the less than three-hour procedure. The next thing I knew I was waking up and just as Dr. Lazar predicted, with HIFU there was no bleeding and little to no chance of infection.”