John Grisham Turns Promoter for Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Takes a break from legal thrillers to tout HIFU’s benefits

Best-selling author John Grisham has a side job.

When the legal thriller writer is taking a break from stories of tort reform and multi-million dollar trials, or of small town justice gone awry and blackmailed jurors — or any of the other legal topics he’s covered in the roughly one book a year he’s written since 1988 — he thinks about high-intensity focused ultrasound.

Or rather, he’s busy raising money and awareness for the technology as part of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, where he sits on the board. He “still doesn’t understand the technology” behind focused ultrasound, he said in a recent TEDx Talk in Charlottesville, Va., but nevertheless advocates for it because he’s found “no other cause, issue, non-profit, or charity that can potentially save so many lives.”

Grisham’s latest effort to get more eyes on, and more money for, the foundation is The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller, a 67-page book that tells the story of a man with glioblastoma. It includes diagrams of the procedure and pictures of an actual glioblastoma, and it’s available for free as an Amazon Single, where it was sitting at #16 on the most popular free Kindle Single list at the time of writing.

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