CBS News is reporting a warning on dietary supplements based on analysis of 12 trials totaling over 300,000 people. From AUA Daily Scope:

Research Suggests Dietary Supplements May Increase Risk Of Cancer.

CBS News (4/21, Firger) reports on its website that a meta-analysis “of two decades worth of research – 12 trials that involved more than 300,000 people –” showed that “a number of supplements actually made a person much more likely to develop certain types of cancer” rather than protect against the disease. The analysis revealed that “people who took high doses of beta carotene supplements had an increased risk for lung cancer,” while “selenium supplements were associated with skin cancer” and “men who took vitamin E had an elevated risk for prostate cancer.”

Take home message: With studies already showing Vit. E associated with increased risks of heart attacks and strokes, why are we still taking it?