New Study Shows HIFU for Prostate Cancer Yields Excellent Cancer Control

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New Study Shows HIFU for Prostate Cancer Yields Excellent Cancer Control

New 5-Year Sonablate® Study Shows Focal HIFU for Prostate Cancer Yields Excellent Cancer Control with Minimal Side Effects

HIFU is performed using the Sonablate technology to eradicate prostate cancer.

HIFU Prostate Services, the largest provider of HIFU Services in US is pleased to announce an Extensive Multicenter Research Study that Demonstrates Sonablate® HIFU Outcomes are Equivalent to Surgery While Maintaining Urinary Continence and Erectile Function

Charlotte, N.C. (July 6, 2018) – A 5-year multicenter study following focal therapy for prostate cancer, with the Sonablate HIFU technology, has been published and shows it is possible to achieve whole-gland equivalent cancer control rates without the side effects seen with whole gland treatments. The data demonstrated that focal Sonablate HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, has achieved success rates similar to more traditional prostate cancer surgical procedures while at the same time significantly exceeding surgery in the areas of side effects, including complete pad-free urinary continence and erectile function.

Conducted over a 5-year follow-up period, the study of 625 medium to high-risk clinically significant nonmetastatic prostate cancer patients reports failure free survival at one, three, and five years was 99%, 92%, and 88% respectively, equivalent to that achieved with surgery.  In addition, the study reveals that 98% of men maintained pad-free urinary continence after their procedure and 85% maintained erectile function, both significant improvements over that seen with surgery and radiation therapy.

Manufactured by Charlotte-based SonaCare Medical and distributed through physician partnerships in the US by HIFU Prostate Services, LLC, also based in Charlotte, Sonablate HIFU ranks among the country’s fastest-growing outpatient treatment options for prostate cancer.  HIFU eradicates prostate cancer through the precision focusing of sound waves to a targeted spot, creating an interaction between the sound waves and the cancerous tissue resulting in extreme heat that destroys cancer cells while leaving untargeted cells unharmed.

The 5-year study demonstrates that focal HIFU therapy can result in a 97% reduction in the number of men who require pads post-procedure when compared to surgery, with additional data pointing to a similar magnitude reduction in erectile dysfunction with focal HIFU compared to surgery.

Over 400 urologists in more than 30 cities nationwide have joined the HIFU Prostate Services network to make HIFU a central part of their prostate cancer practice including some of the most well respected LUGPA groups around the country.  HIFU Prostate Services works with practices in California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington D.C., with additional expansion states that will be announced soon.

Sonablate® HIFU received FDA clearance in October, 2015, and has since been performed on more than 1,800 patients across its 50+ locations in the U.S. which encompass many of the country’s most prestigious medical centers and academic institutions.  Currently, Medicare covers a portion of the costs of HIFU.

Encompassing the largest focal treatment patient population to date and the longest period of time allocated for a HIFU research report, the study underscores HIFU as an effective prostate cancer treatment that does not compromise quality of life.  As a result of the groundbreaking HIFU technology, patients can leave the hospital with their cancer under control and return to work and resume their normal activities the very next day, instead of having to wait the weeks required by more traditional surgical options.

Dr. Samuel J. Peretsman is a noted Charlotte, N.C. urologist who has been a treating HIFU surgeon since 2006.  Dr. Peretsman serves on HIFU advisory boards and quality assurance committees and lectures extensively on HIFU.  “This landmark study is a tribute to the physicians of the UK. It represents the sentinel comparative trial of focal HIFU therapy for localized prostate cancer. As many US patients have known from their own firsthand experience, focal and targeted therapy can substantially diminish the common adverse effects of more traditional radical therapies. This study shows these quality of life gains can be accomplished without sacrificing cancer control,” said Dr. Peretsman.

Dr. Lazar is part of Northern California Medical Associates (NCMA) and operates California HIFU in Santa Rosa. He is the medical director of HIFU Prostate Services, LLC, a leading provider of minimally-invasive prostate cancer treatments using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).San Francisco-based Dr. Michael Lazar is a recognized early user of the HIFU technology dating back to 2007.  He was credentialed as proctor in 2010 and participated in editing the user manual for the Sonablate HIFU system.  In addition to training FDA investigators on HIFU patient care, Dr. Lazar was commissioned by SonaCare Medical to proctor FDA clinical trial cases.  He has treated or been involved with over 300 patients and is also the Medical Director for HIFU Prostate Services.  “This is a huge step toward general acceptance of HIFU as a legitimate prostate cancer management option.  For years, the AUA has hesitated to accept HIFU without comparative studies.  This is the largest HIFU paper ever published, and it confirms equivalent cancer control to radical prostatectomy while delivering a much better side effect profile,” added Dr. Lazar.

About HIFU Prostate Services, LLC:  HIFU Prostate Services was founded to provide men access to a less invasive treatment option for prostate cancer that has the ability to eliminate cancer and preserve patient quality of life. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of care, support, and technology to the patient and to the urology community for the treatment of localized prostate cancer using Sonablate® HIFU. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and with 30 locations throughout the US. Learn more at

Dr. Michael Lazar offers a HIFU Program in partnership with HIFU Prostate Services, LLC (HPS). HIFU Prostate Services, LLC (HPS) is a leading provider of minimally-invasive prostate cancer treatments using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU prostate treatments are performed at San Francisco Surgery Center (SFSC). SFSC offers patients a state-of-the-art facility that is convenient to hotels and the airport.

HIFU has many proven advantages over traditional treatment modalities for prostate disease. Call (707) 546-5553 to make an appointment with Dr. Lazar. Visit for more information. Fill out our online questionnaire to see if you qualify.

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