Utilizing focused ultrasound, the Sonablate system is a minimally invasive robotic device that delivers precise and focused ablative energy.

Dr. Lazar is part of Northern California Medical Associates (NCMA) and operates California HIFU in Santa Rosa. He is the medical director of HIFU Prostate Services, LLC, a leading provider of minimally-invasive prostate cancer treatments using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

“Did you know that prostate cancer can be treated without suffering the side effects of surgery and radiation? Hello, I’m Dr. Michael Lazar, 4 time board certified urologist, who’s practiced in Santa Rosa for 36 years.  In 2007, I investigated and became an early user of a new technology for treatment of prostate cancer called high intensity focused ultrasound, or HIFU.

This exciting non-invasive technology uses ultrasound energy to create heat.  This heat is precisely aimed at the cancerous portions of the gland to kill the cancer while sparing the normal regions.  It is painless, bloodless and causes much less erectile dysfunction and almost no incontinence at all.  It’s done under anesthesia and the men wake up and can get on a plane that day to go home and can return to normal activities almost immediately.

The cancer control results equal radical prostatectomy without the side effect profile.  For more information, go to California HIFU.com or call me at my Santa Rosa office at 707-546-5553.”