HIFU San Francisco – Meet Dr. Michael Lazar

Michael J. Lazar, MD was an early user of the HIFU technology dating back to 2007.  He was credentialed as proctor in 2010 and participated in editing the user manual for the Sonablate HIFU system. Lazar trained FDA investigators on HIFU patient care and was commissioned by SonaCare Medical to proctor FDA clinical trial cases.  He has treated or been involved with over 200 patients and is also site director for SonaCare Medical’s international training site in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Dr. Lazar has been certified by the American Board of Urology four times and has practiced in Santa Rosa, Calif. since 1983.  He is chairman of the Board of Redwood Health Services, Inc. providing insurance products for employee groups. Dr. Lazar is also CEO and managing director [...]

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HIFU Prostate Services Names Michael J. Lazar, MD Medical Director

Nov. 4, 2015 -- HIFU Prostate Services (HPS) has named Dr. Michael Lazar as HPS Medical Director. As HPS Medical Director Dr. Lazar will provide medical guidance and proctoring to new physicians that are being trained on the Sonablate® HIFU system in surgery centers around the country. HIFU offers an effective treatment for localized prostate cancer with significantly less risk of common side effects, such as impotence and incontinence, which are typically reported with surgery and radiation. Lazar has been treating with HIFU since 2007 and is one of three US physicians who worked with SonaCare Medical, LLC to supervise HIFU treatments during FDA clinical trials. Dr. Lazar will operate his own HIFU Program, in partnership with HPS, offering prostate treatments in downtown San Francisco, [...]

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